Eli Derby & 6LACK Lament A Breakup In 'Lately'

Photo Credit: Eli Derby/Instagram | 6LACK/Instagram

It's no secret that the DMV's got talent, and Eli Derby is one who's making waves. The 18-year-old singer, songwriter and musician out of Oxon Hill, Maryland signed to LVRN/Interscope Records in 2020 and has released three singles to date – “Gaslight”, “Love Song” and his most recent release, “Lately,” featuring his label mate 6LACK

“Lately” finds young Eli reminiscing about a relationship that's recently changed. The connection is no longer what it was, and he knows it's because someone else is in the picture. “Who’s that on your line, love? / Heard you got a new best friend / Spending hella time lately / I’m not the only one that you invest in,” Eli sings to his one-time boo on the chorus.

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Musically, the vibe is chill, with a mellow guitar riff out front, backed up by drums and a subtle bassline. Eli’s vocals are smooth and controlled, reflecting the overall mood of the song. Midway through the song, 6LACK joins Eli on the chorus before sharing his verse.

6LACK’s arrival signals a transition away from lamenting the loss to looking toward what’s next. “We had a lot of fun / But I ain’t the only one / I can never take it personal / Had it worse before / Who that on your line? I don’t care / 'Cause I make women flock anywhere that I go,” he sings, informing her that he's unbothered (even though he's quite bothered).

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The lyric video for “Lately” keeps it simple, with the focus solely on Eli. Shot in an empty room with a wall of windows, we see cars driving by on the street below as Eli enters the room, takes off his jacket and drapes it across a folding chair. The camera briefly focuses on his phone before Eli starts singing and the lyrics appear in cursive writing on the screen. He appears to be using the phone to contact his friend but doesn’t appear to be successful (symbolic of the lost connection). Eli exhibits some smooth dance moves throughout the video, while he gets more animated as the song progresses.

Eli Derby may have lost the girl, but with his star on the rise, we suspect he won't have any problems finding a new one. His debut EP, Left On Read, will be released tomorrow (Friday, March 25th), and it contains more songs where Eli bares his heart and soul.

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He shared on Instagram, "i wrote these songs about the relationships i went through in the last few years, i’m not the best at communicating in real life, but music has been my communication love language. sharing a piece of me that i hope can help you or touch you."

Have a listen and take a look at how Eli Derby is coming on "Lately" below.

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