GoldLink Shows The Diversity Of His Range With 'Diaspora'

We've been riding with GoldLink for quite some time, so we know that the versatile rapper can deliver no matter the song or genre. The DC-repping rapper proved just that on his major label debut, 2017's At What Cost and on recent singles like "Got Friends" and "Got Muscle." However, while leading up to his latest set, GoldLink has been flaunting his nimble, sing-song style over tracks that evoke sounds from across the worldwide black experience. It's fitting, then, that he titled the set Diaspora.

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We've already touched on his homages to reggae on tracks like "Joke Ting" and Afrobeat and high life on "Zulu Screams," both pretty good on their own. However, he doubles down throughout Diaspora, exploring different styles throughout. Outside of those two singles, he channels the coke rap of yesteryear ("Coke White/Moscow" featuring Pusha T), trap rap (the trunk-rattling "Rumble" featuring Jackson Wang and Lil Nei) and offers heaping helpings of dancehall along the way ("Yard," "More"). The album's best moments, though, come from unexpected places. The laid-back, samba-like groove of "U Say" — which features a verse from Tyler, The Creator and chorus by Jay Prince — while quiet, is one of the set's most memorable moments. Meanwhile, the creeping bump of "Maniac" is perfect music to ride out to with your homies as GoldLink raps about his plans of a come-up.

There's a little something for everyone on Diaspora and, with its mixture of high-energy and mellow cuts, it might be the set that you end up reaching for all Summer '19.

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