Kenny Lattimore Knows How To ‘Stay On Your Mind’

We haven’t heard much from Kenny Lattimore‘s direction since he dropped his latest album, Vulnerable, back in October. After releasing the lead single “Push” a couple months prior, it’s been crickets otherwise. If, like us, you’ve been wanting to put out an APB for Kenny and his new tunes, you’ll be glad to know that he hasn’t abandoned his ninth studio album. He recently released a lyric video for new single “Stay On Your Mind” to let us – and his lady – know he means business.

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“Stay On Your Mind” is one of the standout cuts on Vulnerable. The piano-led ballad finds Lattimore singing from the heart to his woman, as he is wont to do. He makes it clear that he wants her to lay her burdens down (preferably in his bed) and let him be her stress relief. “Tonight I got all the answers / Just let me lead the way,” he croons in the opening verse of his sexy invitation. Kenny lays some serious game down from the beginning of the song until the end. “I got a confession / It’s my profession to love you,” he sings leading into the outro, and we have a feeling he can get the job done.

For the lyric video, handsome photos of Kenny are superimposed with cityscapes, nature scenes and other visual effects as the words are shown on the screen. As far as lyric videos go, it’s well done and a pleasure to look at. If this is the only visual that we get for the song, which we hope isn’t the case, then this will tide us over until his next release from Vulnerable. Watch and memorize the words to Kenny Lattimore’s “Stay On Your Mind,” and be sure add this bedroom jam to your after hours playlist.

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