Anna Wise Is On The 'Go'


While she's best known as one-half of Sonnymoon, singer Anna Wise proved that she's more than able to stand in the spotlight on her own when she released her debut solo EP The Feminine: Act I earlier this year. With each single from the seven-track EP, Wise has made a strong and powerful statement as she tackled the female archetypes that permeate society. Who could forget the memorable and very necessary statements she made with "B***hSlut" and "Precious Possession"?

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She continues on her path of in-your-face realness with her latest video "Go." Directed by Emma Kanter, who conceived the idea alongside Wise herself, the clip finds the singer accompanied by a kick-ass crew of nuns who make it their mission to rid the world of a philandering, Luke Campbell-quoting preacher, portrayed by actor-comedian Damien Lemon. Her sister-girl army includes the hilarious Jean Grae, Fernada Meier, Chloe Gosley and Oyinda. They literally twerk, roller skate and smoke their way to deliverance while saving the preacher's oblivious congregation in the process and sending him packing. For anybody worried that Wise and her Sonnymoon partner Dane Orr may be on the outs, have no fear: he appears in the clip as a soulful church musician and also co-produced the single alongside Artistintegrity.

The song itself is a fun, uptempo, bass-heavy electro groove that finds Wise celebrating breaking free of the clutches a wayward, manipulating lover had on her. As she sings lines like, "All up hill from here the atmosphere of your circle / Had to let you go / Used to fall, then you'd stall, made me feel small / Had to let you go," you sense the empowerment she feels about finally working up the strength to walk away.

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What really sets Wise apart from the pack is her ability to inject her message with a dose of sharp humor as she does in this video. How can you not cackle at the sight of dancing, chain-smoking, red-cup swigging nuns? Even if you can somehow manage to not find the humor in it, the song itself will surely keep you grooving.

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