Hot 16: '90s Artists We're Still Waiting On To Drop A Comeback Album


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Zhané, pronounced Jah-Nay, entered the scene with “Hey, Mr. D.J.,” a party starter that will still move the crowd. While at first recognized for their short cropped hairstyles, the girls quickly overcame any questions about their unique look with amazing talent. Their voices were perfect for both uptempo jams and love songs, with “Sending My Love” holding it down on Quiet Storm playlists for years. Could now be the time for the dynamic duo to get back together?

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Seemingly, both women have moved on with their lives and have continued to make music separately, with Renee Neufville going on to perform with other musicians and hosting her own online live music series, 88 Soul. Meanwhile, Jean Norris Baylor released an album of her own in 2011. However, despite the two going their separate ways, we think there’s no better time than now for the ladies to get back together.

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