J*Davey Satisfies Our 'Strong Anticipation'


We, like most of music lovers across the world, are excited that J*Davey has returned to the music scene, not just because we get new music from the duo, but because we also get a chance to feast our eyes on more left-of-center visuals from the Cali natives.

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With their single "Strong Anticipation" getting heavy burn around these parts, Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau treat us to the song's newly released video. It opens with a pensive looking Jack staring off into space as glitches distort the video, causing it to jump, skip and stutter. The clip mainly focuses on her as she chills with her self (or selves, as there are multiples of her throughout the clip). Only during the song's instrumental portions does Brook make a cameo, casually walking by as he takes in some Cali sunshine. It's without a doubt a visual in line with the trippiness we've come to expect from the duo.

In fact, if there is a gripe that we have, it's that the video clocks in at just under two minutes. With the actual song being a five-minute number, we would've loved to see what else could've been brought visually. That being said, they do more in less than two minutes than what most do with full-length clips. Check out J*Davey's alt-R&B vibes when you press play below.

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