You'll Never Want To Wake Up After Hearing Teeko's 'Dreamin'


Master turntablist, producer and composer Teeko’s meticulous and innovative approach to arranging sounds has gone a long way in helping the broader music community understand that the turntable itself is an instrument on par with any other "traditional" instrument. As adept in hip-hop as he is in jazz, his versatility has allowed him to both receive recognition in worldwide DJ competitions as well as collaborate with the likes of well-known jazz figures John Scofield and Charlie Hunter.

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His latest single, "Dreamin," showcases his ability to draw from a diverse palette of music elements to paint rich, multi-layered and intensely soulful soundscapes with his turntables. What starts off with ambient synth sounds quickly transitions into a melodic use of piano that builds into a hip-hop beat that is high on the head-nod Richter scale. Also incorporating relentlessly funky keyboard sounds, seamless scratching and skillful use of sampling, this hip-hop soul track never bores and radiates a funky electronic vibe reminiscent of the Platinum Pied Pipers. The song's intricate arrangement and undeniable soulfulness will have you clicking the repeat button and leaves me hungry for a full length offering from this virtuoso turntablist.

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