Spend Some Time 'After The Dance' With Q-Tip, Tittsworth, Theophilus London & Alison Carney


Consider me a crusty old-timer who recalls the good ol' days where hip hop could ease into any other genre without sounding like a lazy afterthought or cash cow mooing. Someone would flow and then a singer would come in with some melodic harmonies and it would all just work and it was well, fun, innovative even. Nowadays that concept is overworked and tiresome, with the flows having little to do with the song at hand, so it would take a cast of characters like Q-Tip, Tittsworth, Theophilus London and Alison Carney to breathe some life back into what should be a creative meeting of the minds with "After the Dance."

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This track provides that wedlock of rhymes and rave, and it's pure bliss. Carney (a Bounce-Worthy alumni) is the hook girl here as she seduces, slicing through the hazy house hypnotic with her jazz-minded soprano, while Q-Tip and London slip on in with their game plans, and the steam just keeps on rising from there. Considering that Tittsworth is offering "After the Dance" for the low price of free, you can remain swept up up in this alluring trap for as long as you like.

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