Trackademicks Makes inc.’s ‘Days’ A Bit Funkier

As I’ve mentioned before, inc.‘s no world is one of the best releases so far this year. However, if there is one critique I have of the set, it’s that there weren’t many uptempo tracks included to break up the album’s slow burners. Never fear, however, as Bay Area rapper/producer Trackademicks has put his own brand of stank on the set’s standout “5 Days.” Whereas the original is a beautifully melancholy slow jam, Trackademicks’ rework speeds up the BPM (and the Aged brother’s voices) and cranks up the bass bump. The result is a club-ready thumper sure to get you on your feet. And, like many of Trackademicks’ remixes, he’s offering this one up for free. So, if you like inc. but wanted a little something you can groove to, check out the remix and be sure to grab your download.


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