Miguel & Kendrick Lamar Serve Yet Another Round Of 'Drinks'

After impressing last week with their remix of "How Many Drinks?," Miguel and Kendrick Lamar didn't waste much time in putting out an accompanying visual. Rather than set it in a club or even feature a drop of liquor, Miguel opts to make it a performance piece. We get a chance to get into his band and even get a cameo from Miss Jack Davey herself as a bit of eye candy (this isn't surprising, though, as her J*DaVeY partner-in-crime Brook D'Leau is in Miguel's band). And by the time that Kendrick shows up to take center stage in his short set (who knew they wore those outside of Houston?), we're already all in for the video and its smoothed out vibe. Go ahead and check out the clip below, as this is a song you won't be able to avoid all summer.

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