Durand Bernarr's 'Vibe' Gives Us A Magnificent Sensation

Durand Bernarr,
self-proclaimed stepson of Erykah Badu,
has offered up his spin on Kendrick
's latest hit, "B**ch, Don't Kill My Vibe." In this era of YouTube and over-saturated cover songs, Bernarr shines way brighter and adds color to a
record that I, honestly, never had interest in. Yes, even after hearing Gaga's
dry demo
. The clip, filmed by Cleveland's The Dark Room Company, finds Bernarr
cleverly pleading "young lady please don't interrupt this magnificent sensation
I'm experiencing at the moment" and even includes a Monica nod as he sings a line from her 1995 debut single "Don't
Take It Personal." Currently preparing for the release of his forthcoming
holiday EP, EXTRA Stankin' Christmas,
Durand will be hosting an online listening party via BlogTV.com tonight at
8 pm EST. Tune in and catch up on Durand Bernarr's sounds via Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Mediafire now.

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