You Don’t Have To Think ‘Twice’ About Freeze-Tag’s Little Dragon Cover

I don’t know who Freeze-Tag thinks he is, taking me off-guard today with a re-fashion of Little Dragon‘s “Twice,” but I’m quite glad that he did. Freeze-Tag is the nom de plum of Ohio electronic up-and-comer Marcus Alan Ward, and he makes a lasting impression with an astral reading that warmly shakes the hand of the original. We all know of the shivering sublimity of Little Dragon’s 2007 hit as well as the nine-minute remake opus that came from Robert Glasper‘s camp some months back, but Freeze-Tag encapsulates his re-do in a thicket of robotic and airy synths along with vocals that are on par to the mysterious bittersweet tone of Yukimi Nagano‘s that its really hard to resist. As “Twice” is one of my favorite songs from the Swedish quartet, I have to give a round of soul claps for Freeze-Tag for keeping things in homage glory. Pegged for this upcoming Eskimo EP, Freeze-Tag is making this cover a friendly exchange as he’s offering it as a freebie on his Bandcamp page.


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