Maysa & Dwele Bloom In 'Flower Girl'

Maysa is as lovely as the flowers that abound in the music video for her new single, "Flower Girl," featuring Dwele. The Incognito regular is prepping for the release of her next album, Motions of Love, on November 8th, and this duet is an ear-pleasing introduction to the project. The pairing of Maysa and Dwele is such a perfect combination that you wonder why it never happened before. Their voices blend together quite nicely, and they complement each other in the video as well. They don't play love interests, however -- when they're not in the studio recording together, Dwele is juggling a few women while Maysa's very handsome video boo becomes clear at the end. Our homeboy Matthew A. Cherry directed the video with a little help from Dwele on the co-direction tip.

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