Get Stuck In J*DaVeY's 'Quicksand'

So, SoulBouncers, who do you love? No, seriously, who do you love? I only ask because J*DaVeY seems to really want to know in their song (and now video) "Quicksand." Wearing lace, plastic, and a week's worth of wigs, Miss Jack Davey struts her stuff and vamps it up in the black-and-white desert as she lets loose all over the track (which happens to be my favorite from their Evil Christian Cop mistape). Her partner in crime, Brook D'Leau, is along for the ride, of course. Here he channels A Clockwork Orange and Mad Max in the desert haze of the video. iLLaV8r mainstay Def Sound also pops up in the trippy art gallery scene (seriously, the editing there is pretty dope). While it still fits in with the art-school style their videos usually have, this one feels a lot more polished and is definitely worth the four-minute time investment. All in all, it's another hot video from the crew and another reason why they need to hurry up with New Designer Drug

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