Jill Scott Put On Quite A ‘Show’ With Anthony Hamilton For Jay Leno

My, my, my. Jill Scott put on her red dress, stepped into her f–k me pumps, and exuded confidence and sex appeal for days on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night. She brought Anthony Hamilton with her to perform their infectious duet “So In Love,” and her light shined so bright and her curves were so right that she completely overshadowed her partner. Bless his heart, but Anthony was dressed like he was going to a cookout compared to Jill’s va-va-voom outfit. Their mismatched clothing aside, they delivered yet another excellent performance, giving fans more of a taste of what we’ll be seeing when they venture out on the road for Jill’s Summer Block Party tour in a few weeks. Thankfully we won’t have to wait that long to get her new album, The Light of the Sun, into our hands, because it’ll finally be released tomorrow and she has more TV appearances lined up this week and next. If they’re anything like this, then we’re in for a lot of ear and eye candy.

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