Bilal Is Running Scared In 'Restart' Teaser

I'm not quite sure who invented the music video trailer, but more and more it seems to be the
norm. Artists just can't drop a video without releasing a teaser to make fans get all breathless
with anticipation. Bilal now joins the ranks of Kanye and company with the release of the teaser for his upcoming video for "Restart." After having fans wait years for an official release,
it seems we'll have to wait a bit more for an official video from the talented crooner. And if
the trailer is any indication, the video will be just as enigmatic as the man. Directed by Michael
Sterling Eaton
, the video is described as "a psychedelic journey with an Andy Warhol aesthetic
to its sights and sounds" and shows Bilal being chased down the street by a mob of animal-masked people. I don't think short clip is enough to decipher what it all means, but it was
definitely enough make me want to find out.

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