What Do ‘I Need’ To Understand Mayer Hawthorne?

Like the question I posed about John Mayer previously, I have to ask the same question of Mayer Hawthorne: What is it exactly about this cat that I’m not relating to? Ro touched upon her lack of enthusiasm for Mayer, but I reserved more judgement until I got more of a breadth of his work. I’m not going to sit here and bash the man or his music outright, especially since I liked this track and this one, too. Let’s take his latest single produced by Nottz, “I Need You,” a cover of Otis Leavill‘s song of the same name. Compared side-by-side, I will say that Mayer did a pretty good job of sounding a lot like the original. In my honest opinion, however, I wish that Mayer had a bit more range or soul or something. It’s as though the ingredients are all present, but the end result tastes as exciting as a piece of paper. So you tell me, Bouncers: What is it about Mayer Hawthorne that I’m missing?

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