Behind The Groove With Peven Everett

peven_everett.jpgAny fan of soulful house music has probably tapped their feet, snapped their fingers or broken out into a fully choreographed dance routine when Peven Everett's music comes on. There is no way that you cannot jack your body when the beat drops in and Peven starts to sing. But don't be fooled thinking that is all that Peven has to offer. Yes, he will make you move but the talent coming from this singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist is so much deeper.

Not only is Peven a prolific and gifted musician, but he is an outspoken critic of the music industry and is quick to call fellow artists out on a regular, as-needed basis. We saw this earlier in the year when he put Pharrell Williams on Front Street for jacking his beat for a Britney Spears song (of all things). Intrigued by Peven's move, we had to get behind his groove to find out the whole story and he was more than happy to tell it. He has kind words for Q-Tip, but puts everyone from Kanye West, to Timbaland, to Robin Thicke and, of course, Pharrell on blast. Our conversation was both enlightening and entertaining, crucial and comical. Through all the drama, Peven continues to make music and be in the industry but not of it.

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This interview with Peven Everett kicks off the second season of Behind the Groove and is produced by Fave from the Friday Favecast, exclusively for SoulBounce. You'll notice some exciting additions and a totally new sound. Enjoy Behind the Groove 2.0 and come back next week for another extra special interview.

Behind the Groove with Peven Everett

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Podcast playlist below. All songs by Peven Everett unless noted.

"Sugarfall" - Britney Spears

"Sexy 1"


"Butter" - A Tribe Called Quest

"First Choice"

"Feelin U

"I Promise"
"Easy Living"

"Miss Chicago"

"Sexy 1"
"Soul Music" 

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