Mainstream of Consciousness


  • Did Ashanti, Akon and Nelly just release the worst song in the history of music, the Internet, and the world? If so, that could only mean they topped themselves. Bravo! [HM]
  • We just learned that Pretty Ricky is like Kabbalah, courtesy of group member Diamond Blue: “Pretty Ricky is more than just a group; it’s a lifestyle, a state of mind.” Also, they’re adding a new member named “4 Play”. If you don’t take yourself seriously, who’s left to do it? [SR]
  • We understand that everyone is shocked and shamed that T-Pain is nominated for 5 BET Awards, most of which for songs that aren’t his. But it’s not a Grammy, it’s a BET Award, which is like the Clap. [DFP]
  • Foxy Brown has disowned her own album. Brooklyn’s Don Diva was meant to be a mixtape, not a commercially-released studio album. So you can blame the album’s inconsistencies on someone other than her this time. [HHDX] [AHH]
  • Only one-third of the jurors selected for the R. Kelly trial are black, which is unacceptable and “racially biased” to the defense. Throw him to the white wolves! [SOHH]

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