Samm Henshaw Makes His ‘COLORS’ Debut With ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ & ‘Still Broke’

After collaborating with the likes of Brasstracks and East London’s own Barney Artist earlier this year, Bounce-Worthy singer-songwriter Samm Henshaw recently made his COLORS debut with two stunning and soulful solo performances. Against a pale yellow backdrop and armed with only a microphone, all eyes were on the South London-based artist as he treated fans to perfect previews of two Josh Grant-produced tracks, “Thoughts And Prayers” and “Still Broke.”

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His first performance calls out our sometimes empty and knee jerk reactions to the misfortunes of others. The offering of our “thoughts and prayers” has become almost routine with little action or true compassion to follow. Over the piano and brass-laden track, he encourages us all to walk the talk and actually do better. For his encore, he serves the follow-up to his 2018 single “Broke.” noting that true wealth stems from having the proper perspective. With a more upbeat tempo and backed by gospel-tinged vocals, he sings, “It was all wonderful / So much so, I became comfortable / Forgot to count my blessings, they were plentiful / Lost myself wanting more and more.” With everything going on in the world, we are grateful for these delightful distractions and much-needed reminders to refocus on each other and the things in life that truly matter.

Watch Samm Henshaw’s performances of “Thoughts and Prayers” and “Still Broke” below, and keep an eye out for the official release of both tracks.

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