Try On Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Mascara’

Jazmine Sullivan Mascara Promo

We’ve been patiently waiting on Jazmine’s Sullivan‘s new album, Reality Show, and it seems that our patience might soon be paying off. The singer has officially released her third single from the upcoming set, “Mascara.” We already got a preview of the track when one fan caught footage of the songstress debuting the song in NYC, but the studio version allows us to hear the song in a different way.

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For one, we get to hear the backing track much more clearly. It’s a beat reminiscent of southern hip hop (think UGK‘s “Front Back” or Mike Jones‘ “Still Tippin”) but wrapped in a hazy synth that smooths it out to make it suitable for Jazmine’s beautifully, slightly raspy voice to ride over it perfectly in her lower register. We also get a better sense of the song’s lyrics. While they initially seemed about the pressure to always be on, they’re actually about the pressures of being a kept woman.

“Yeah my hair and ass fake, but so what? / I get my rent paid with it,” she begins before letting us know that her man keeps her living lavishly if she keeps herself looking right. And with a new girl trying to take her place every day, it’s no wonder she keeps her mascara in pocket just in case she might be seen. It’s an interesting look at a slice of life few talk or know the real deal about.

Reality Show is scheduled to be dropped in the first quarter of next year. While we wait for a more solid date, check out her latest right here and let us know what you think.

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