Keyshia Cole Reveals Who 'She' Is In New Video


We were speculating back in June that Keyshia Cole was into a little girl-on-girl action and now we have the visuals to prove it. Playing her lover and herself, Cole presents a soft and sensual look to accompany her latest single, "She." There's a slight twist in our theory, however. We can confirm that two women are involved, but it looks to be two different sides of Miss Cole, who dons all white for the majority of the videoand later gets fancier with a gold-spiked number as she puts on her show.

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Directed by she, i.e. Cole, and John Colombo, the Bay Area-bred songstress is exhibiting some self love by caressing herself throughout the video and giving herself a lap dance. Considering her marital issues, which have been in and out of the media lately, maybe this is a better path for she, her, elle, etc. Personal issues aside, we can anticipate Cole's new album, Point Of No Return, later this year. Until then, watch the video and see if you like "She" or nah.

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