Liv Warfield Keeps The Funk Honest On ‘Why Do You Lie’

Liv Warfield WDYHTL Still

With her purple-tinged music roots, it’s little wonder that Liv Warfield’s music has funk flowing through its veins. In the music video for the bass and brass heavy “Why Do You Lie,” off her forthcoming album The Unexpected, Warfield continues to give us that same brand of gutsy music with live instrumentation that is always welcome. The music video sees Warfield and her equally funky band keeping things slick yet simple visually. There's no need for trivial story lines or flashy imagery with a song that's as full and enticing as this one. Warfield’s vocals reach right into the pit of your stomach and make sure you well and truly understand what she’s feeling and where she’s coming from as she sings with attitude about a no-good man. Meanwhile, the band take the upbeat number through dirty funk and rock territory with rich horn lines and a guitar solo that will get your head nodding and your body moving. I pity the man who lied to Liv Warfield, but one thing is for sure, there’s no need to lie about how good “Why Do You Lie” is.

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