Delilah Invites Us ‘Inside’

I’m no prude, but I must say that I found Delilah‘s video for “Inside My Love” to be more than just a little titillating. Don’t get me wrong, Minnie Riperton‘s original, though it sounded angelic, was full of thinly veiled come-on after come-on as she offered her suitor a “ride” like none other. However, in her video for the remake, Delilah ups Minnie’s ante considerably. Delilah’s take on the song has a much darker, more erotically charged feel than Minnie’s and the video is reflective of that. We find the songstress stretched across an unmade bed wearing nothing but a loose — and rather thin — white T-shirt and blue pum pum shorts as she rolls around gracefully with her well-muscled love interest. Though the eroticism in the video is simply implied, in the immortal words of Q-Tip, how much you wanna bet more than her brow is wet? “Inside My Love” comes in advance of her debut album From the Roots Up, which our UK Bouncers can scoop up July 30th (and pre-order now). If that doesn’t arouse the interests of our friends across the pond, then perhaps the fact that she’s currently on tour will get their attention. The rest of you will simply have to look and not touch as you watch the video below.

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