'B4 The Night Is Thru' Jesse Boykins III Has Something For You

Showing us that true soul music is a game of chess not checkers, Jesse Boykins III debuts "B4 the Night is Thru," the first single from his 2011 release, Love Apparatus. This is the type of song that we've been waiting on from the talented young brother to take him to the next level. "B4 the Night is Thru" is a mid-tempo groove that can take you from the dance floor at the club to your after-hours playlist at the crib and has "hit" written all over it. According to Boykins, "the song is merely reminiscent of those times when you could dance with someone you didn't know all night with no pressure, no expectations...just the rhythm and movement." He sings on the chorus, "Before the night is through/I will walk to you/you will be the one/and I will be your drum," and captures a moment in music that many can relate to. Produced by frequent collaborator Machine Drum, the song is at once sensual and soulful. I've had it on constant repeat since downloading it, and I suspect that you will, too, especially with the complimentary download from JB3. And how about that single cover?

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