Why You Should Listen To Tall Black Guy’s Michael Jackson ‘Remix Suite’

I know, I know. Since Michael Jackson‘s passing, there have been way too many producers/DJs who conducted aural assaults upon all of us. Some were good, some were bad. In all honesty, this gem of an album from Tall Black Guy aka Terrel Wallace is much more than I really expected. Though he may have titled it The Remix Suite, think of it as the complete opposite of the popular use of “remix” these days. That misnomer has generated countless tracks of some rapper rhyming on an unaltered original track. These tracks by Tall Black Guy are, however, reimagined and almost unrecognizable, if it weren’t for Michael’s voice or an element from a song of his wafting throughout these new tracks. Not an easy feat, especially one that produces listenable and lounge-worthy results. Did I also happen to mention that he won the Eric Roberson “Tale Of Two” remix contest earlier this year with his version? Take a listen and see what I mean, then head on over to the Bandcamp page and get your download on. It’s all win.

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