Coco Jones Serves Us Romance, Glamour & Drama In 'ICU'

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/YouTube

Coco Jones is coming. The singer/actress has been giving us everything we've needed with her singles "Caliber," "Love Is War" and her most recent, "ICU." The arrival of "ICU" last week also came with the a preview of a sexy new video. Now, that video is here and it is everything Coco promised and more.

The clip begins with the singer sexily draped across a comfy looking bed as she stares intently at the camera. We soon get visions of her kicking it with a homie lover friend and getting glammed up for a photo shoot. The lovey-dovey moments seem to be flashbacks of happier times as the two seem to be in a bit of a spat. Despite all that, the twosome seems unmistakably drawn to one another, even if just to come together for an inevitable argument. Even with that attraction and obvious love, though, the two can't seem to come together by video's end.

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Coco Jones is two for two on the visual front thus far, with this one living up to the quality that "Caliber" delivered. If the persistent rumors that the singer will soon release an EP are true, then we hope that even more visuals from Coco are in the cards. Until we know that for sure, though, you can watch the star in the visual for "ICU" when you press play.

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