Coco Jones Is About Her Romantic Business In ‘Double Back’

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/YouTube

Coco Jones is making quite the buzz these days. The singer recently celebrated success when her single “ICU” cracked the Billboard Hot 100 — landing at No. 88 on the chart — and she seems to show no signs of slowing down when it comes to promoting her EP What I Didn’t Tell You. Now she’s on to the next with the release of a video for the set’s next single “Double Back.”

The London On Da Track-produced cut is based on a hefty sample of SWV’s “Rain.” The song itself, though, is all about returning to the arms of an ex. The video ditches that narrative, however, and trades it for a spicy romantic drama at the office.

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Coco plays a sexy businesswoman in the clip, with an office wardrobe that would put many to shame. Though she’s about her business, she’s still uncertain about what’s going on with the man in her life. He seems attentive, stopping by her job and staying on her mind. Looks are deceiving, though, as we learn that he’s actually on the creep with one of her coworkers. Coco learns this, too, and puts the two of them on blast during an officewide meeting before moving on to the next order of business on her docket.

Coco Jones was already charming, but this clip proves that she can also do sexy-yet-vulnerable, too. Now that everyone is taking stock of what Coco can do, we can’t wait to see how she continues on her inevitable rise. Watch the songstress once again do the damn thing in “Double Back” when you press play below.

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