Tiana Major9 Brings An Emotional Take On 'Try Peace...' To 'COLORS' Studio

Photo Credit: COLORS/YouTube

One thing we love about rising star Tiana Major9 is her relatable approach to R&B that speaks to our inner emotions and thought processes. The singer is readying the release of her upcoming EP Fool Me Once for this week. But first, she stops by the COLORS Studios to offer a performance of her latest single "Try Peace..." for the platform's audience.

"Try Peace..." is a song tailor-made for this kind of performance thanks to its lyrics, which take the form of an internal monologue that Tiana is having about a potential relationship. Tiana stands alone on the beige-colored set with just that mic and the track to keep her company. Not only does it provide the opportunity to capture the quiet of the song, but it also allows us to focus on Tiana and her talent.

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She delivers the song's notes and emotional tones with minimal effort, making the stellar vocals and small inflections seem almost easy. And though she offers a few notes with her calm power, she doesn't do any of the extra "singer-isms" that we've come to expect. Instead, she moves her hands as if she's talking to a friend or confidant about deciding whether to be careful about love or follow her heart and feelings.

The talented Tiana Major9 is one to watch and listen for, and we can't wait to hear what she's bringing when Fool Me Once arrives. Luckily, we don't have to wait long as the EP is set to arrive tomorrow (March 15th).

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