Sidibe’s ‘Come Home With Me’ Gets ‘Stripped’ Down

Following the restoration of romance with her Return To Saturn EP last month, singer-songwriter Sidibe treats fans to an enticing, stripped-down version of one of the project’s standout tracks. While the original version of “Come Home With Me” is perfectly hypnotic in its own right, this latest reiteration makes her seductive directive vividly clear. She describes her intention of this release as a revelation of the track’s “sensual essence” and says, “When Nico Stadi and I write, we hope to create something that translates well with the most basic accompaniment. Personally, I think that’s an indication of a solid song.” The duo certainly accomplished this mission, as this beauty proves that less is indeed more.

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Noted as her favorite track from the EP, “Come Home With Me (Stripped)” is the first we’ve heard from Sidibe since the project’s release. Her social media suggests that she is spending time in and drawing inspiration from nature, something consistently evident in her signature sound. She also notes her intention to do things unapologetically her way, as well as her interest in recording more acoustic versions of her original songs. Given her track record, we trust her instincts and welcome more of her euphoric elegance as we seek to keep cozy moving into the colder months.

Fall in love with Sidibe’s “Come Home With Me (Stripped)” and add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. If you somehow haven’t already, be sure to check out the full Return To Saturn EP as well.

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