Teri Tobin Wants You To Know What ‘You Are’ To Her

It’s been a minute since we’ve enjoyed the sweet sounds of Teri Tobin. The songstress, whom we last heard from back in 2014 when she released her album Truth Is, hasn’t been idle. In fact, it seems that she’s been cooking up some new music in the past year and she’s ready to share it. She’s kicking off things with her romantic new single “You Are.”

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Upon first listen it’s obvious that “You Are” has more in common with the quiet storm feel of cuts from yesteryear than what’s dominating the radio these days. That throwback vibe is much appreciated as it not only showcases Teri’s talent but also puts us in the mood for love. The song starts with beautiful strings that eventually descend into a dreamy piano melody and featured guest Dre King‘s muted trumpet. It leads us into Teri’s breathy lead vocal where she names all that her lover is to her. “Baby you are the words to my song / (You are) the joy in my life,” she sings on the chorus. “Baby you are my peace of mind / (You are) my everything.” The song’s pacing gives it time to breathe and also gives us the chance to hear more of Dre King’s trumpet throughout, making a calming and romantic listen.

“You Are” will be included onher upcoming album Forever, though a release date for the set hasn’t been revealed yet. You don’t have to wait forever to hear the latest from Teri Tobin, though. All you have to do is press play.

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