Full Crate, GANGS OF KIN & Elique Curiel Take Us On A Joyride With ‘Rollercoaster’

We can all agree that 2020 took us all on quite a ride. Though 2021 can sometimes feel like a mere continuation of last year’s crazy, at least some of the shock of it all has worn off and a lot of us have resolved to take it all in stride. Super-producer/DJ Full Crate brilliantly captures this sentiment on his new single “Rollercoaster.” Over the vibrant track laced with plenty of Latin energy, he brings in rising stars GANGS OF KIN and Elique Curiel to make his point while making us move at the same damn time.

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Upon the release of his latest fun and refreshing track, Full Crate offered a bit of insight and inspiration via Instagram. He says, “Life has been such a rollercoaster lately with ups and downs. We find ourselves going thru life and making the best of every situation and, while we’re at it, we just gotta enjoy the ride.” Despite his longing to return to the live stage, clearly, he’s taking his own advice. Between live streams and in-studio snippets, Full Crate is never not working. Shortly before the release of his first official single of the new year, we were blessed with part 2 of his remix of Aaliyah’s classic “Rock The Boat” and we’ve been wavy ever since. As usual, we’ll be keeping our eyes on him, as he is sure to keep dropping gems to get us through all this madness.

Give Full Crate’s “Rollercoaster” featuring GANGS OF KIN and Elique Curiel a spin and enjoy the ride. Be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform to keep the party going.

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