Leon Thomas Finds His ‘Favorite’ With Virtual Reality

With his impressive forays into film, television and music, Leon Thomas is a Renaissance man for his generation. In January, the actor/producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist added singer to his resume and rocked our worlds with his debut single “Favorite.” The certified bop landed in heavy rotation and introduced us to another side of this multifaceted talent that we never knew existed. Thomas continues to flex both his music skills and his acting chops in the music video for “Favorite.”

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The visual opens with Leon kicked back and with a virtual reality headset on. It then moves from Thomas in the here and now to his scenic virtual world. He is dressed in an ornate jacket and walking around surveying the land until he sees a beautiful woman standing alone in the distance. He makes a beeline to the beauty, and their connection is immediate. It’s so immediate that he drops to one knee and puts a ring on it without even saying a word. He picks up his bride-to-be and carries her to a nearby house. The scene changes to Leon and his lady decked out in their wedding wear and staring at each other lovingly while standing next to a pool, which they soon dive in. While they take their love affair underwater, Buddy pops up to spit his bars. At its conclusion, the video fast forwards to an older version of Leon removing his virtual reality headset to see the love of his life sitting right there next to him in real life.

Between the song and now the music video, Leon Thomas has got us all in with “Favorite.” We are loving his sound, creativity and whole vibe. We’re kinda pressed to hear what he’s got coming next, but we’ll patiently wait with “Favorite” on repeat.

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