Marcus Alan Ward Wants To Make Your ‘BodyFeelGood’

While we first got to know Marcus Alan Ward under the moniker Freeze-Tag, it was his 2014 album Last Night I Grew Tentacles under his own name that really got us going. Since that release, things have been pretty quiet around his way. That’s all about to change though as the self-proclaimed one-man composer is bringing some newness in the form of his latest single, “BodyFeelGood.”

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The track combines a few elements — a chipmunk soul-style sped-up vocal, electric guitar and bumping kick drums — to lure us in and provide a pleasing backdrop for Marcus’ voice to seduce us. However, while everything sounds like a good time, the lyrics hint that something might be amiss in the fantasy. “Girl, I shut my eyes when you walk my way / Ohh ohh craving, how long will it stay / December butterflies on a summer day,” he sings. Though he paints a tension between hot and cold — perhaps an inkling into how the relation functions — he does let us know that she does, indeed, make your body feel good. Marcus makes us feel good as well with a vocal that reminds of his peers Cody ChesnuTT and Martin Luther and lush, layered harmonies backing him as he goes.

Though we’re not for certain if “BodyFeelGood” is a one-off or part of an upcoming album, we do know that it’s worth a listen. Give it a spin below.

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