Flying Lotus Teams Up With Thundercat & Shabazz Palaces For 'The Lavishments'


Adult Swim is staying true to their word and continuing to bring stellar singles in their 19 weeks of free music campaign that began back in June. They gave us newness from D∆WN, DOOMSTARKS and even a solo Shabazz Palaces record, but now they’re upping the ante by introducing us to brand new supergroup WOKE with the free single “The Lavishments of Light Looking.”

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Brace yourself. WOKE consists of everybody’s favorite Adult Swim bump producer Flying Lotus and his uber-talented friends Thundercat and Shabazz Palaces, and on top of that an extra special appearance from George Clinton just for the magnificent moment that is this debut single. Speaking of said moment, this song is just about five minutes of freedom and funk, jazz and hip hop-infused goodness. It's “something you can put your hands on,” as Shabazz puts it perfectly. Honestly, getting a record as good as this for free almost feels wrong. But that won’t stop us from downloading, and we sure it won’t stop you either. Visit Adult Swim’s website now for your copy of “The Lavishments of Light Looking,” and join us in hoping that we hear more from this collaborative effort sooner than later.

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