Lion Babe Has More ‘Fire’ For Us

Lion Babe Treat Me Like Fire Version 2

The first time that we got to meet the guy and girl behind Lion Babe was when they released the clip for their debut single, “Treat Me Like Fire.” Ever since then, we’ve been moths driven to their flame. We can’t tell you if it was Jillian Hervey‘s ethereal vocals, Lucas Goodman‘s trance-like production or the exotic jungle setting of the clip that hooked us, but we couldn’t deny their allure.

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It’s only fitting then that the duo return to the scene of the crime and give us another take on the visuals for “Fire.” This go around, however, they keep things a bit more subdued with a (mostly) black-and-white palette and very little frills. Not that they need anything extra to keep our attention. Instead, our focus is drawn to Jillian herself as she and her massive curly blonde mane move lithely across our screen. Though that might seem a little uneventful, Jillian makes the four-minute clip worth every second as she vamps, shakes and shimmies for the camera while fixing the viewer with a smoldering glare that’s sure to light a few fires on its own.

“Treat Me Like Fire” is one of the four tracks included on their self-titled EP, which was so good it made our Hot 16 of the best EPs and mixtapes of 2014. Take a peek at the video below and make sure to grab yourself a copy of the EP, which is available now.

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