Merna's Piano Ballad Delivers 'A Little More'


Jordan-born, Toronto-based songstress Merna has dropped another single from her forthcoming album The Calling, which is out November 4th. "A Little More" is a gorgeous piano ballad played by Raymond Angry and produced by "Young & Reckless" collaborator Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and Lucy Pearl.

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The stripped-down number finds The Artist Formerly Known As Ayah vocalizing powerful and emotive loving support. "Lay down your burden / Tell me what's on your mind," she pleads, before promising solidarity with lines such as, "But if we try we can show 'em what we're made of."

But while the Bounce-Worthy diva makes use of her controlled ability to belt, she also shows appreciation for subtlety. "Sometimes we take on a little more than we can handle / But we handle," she sings quietly, convincingly offering solid stand-by-your-side support.

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"A Little More" will surely build buzz for Merna's upcoming project, which we hope is filled with more tunes inspired by the singer's global residencies and just as passionately sung from her soul.

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