'Say Yes' To Michelle Williams, Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Taking Their Praise Party To The Streets


After a bit of a wait, Michelle Williams took to Good Morning America to finally premiere the video for the Destiny's Child-reuniting gospel single "Say Yes." And if you thought the clip was going to be anything other than a full-on praise party, then you thought wrong. The DC ladies keep it casual and cool as they get their praise on with a multitude of people and African dancers in the name of Jesus.

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Michelle, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland all get some shine in the Matthew A. Cherry-directed joint, with the ladies all draped in white for their solo shots and coming together near the end for a dance break. But it's Michelle's star that truly gets to shine, as the camera focuses on Michelle (as it should, seeing as it's her song and all) as she shows that she can hold her own, even among her more well-known DC peers.

If you have a little time today, you might wanna go ahead a get your praise on and turn up with the ladies formerly known as DC3 by pressing play below.

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