Duncan Gerow Dims The Lights On Janet Jackson's 'Rock With U'


While it is great and all that Janet Jackson got her life by getting caught up in holy matrimony (and with a billionaire, no less) last year, it's time for her to drop the June Cleaver act and get back to well, slaying us with some fresh music. The rumor of her possibly, maybe, perhaps working in the studio with long-time cohorts Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on new material is tempting to buy into, yet every year we here at SBHQ walk away disappointed.

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Mix masher Duncan Gerow is also fiending for new Damita Jo as well, but he's biding the time more productively by reworking "Rock With U" into quite the steamy slow jam, making it seem that a brand new Janet song is in our midst. Well, fool me once, because Gerow takes the oh-so-underrated 2008 single and completely dismantles its dance floor readiness. While I prefer the sequined sophisti-funk original, Gerow lacing it with Analog | Division's "Take Notice" brings "Rock With U" down to a sensual simmer allowing the lyrics to transform into a bedroom-ready lullaby that fits in perfectly with Janet's past sexual heals like "Anytime, Anyplace" and "Someday Is Tonight," and yes, it's downright great. So while we hold our breaths, cross fingers and light a votive at the R&B Junkie alter, take advantage of the free download, and slip into the luxurious lust of a remodeled Janet Jackson joint. Make sure to dim the lights while you're at it.

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