Enter 'Archaic Rapture' With Mara Hruby


Mara Hruby knows all about heartbreaks and setbacks and well, she's got a whole EP full of 'em. If you weren't clued into her solemn state of mind from her searing Julie London cover "Cry Me A River," then Archaic Rapture will allow you to have a seat next to Hruby as she rides on an emotional roller coaster towards finding personal peace after a love affair gone wrong (and boy, did it ever).

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Hruby continues with her forte of cover songs, this time pouring vocal tears into classic torch and jazz numbers ranging from Frank Sinatra ("In the Wee Small Hours") to Barbra Streisand ("My Coloring Book") to Billie Holiday ("Gone With the Wind") and she laments with nuanced clarity and class. Though Hruby isn't the scribe behind these beloved classics, it's eyebrow raising how she inhabits these songs as if they were her own. She doesn't shed tears for too long, as her original number, the Latin laced "Set Me Free," poises her at reaching some form of inner peace, with a promise that she isn't counting herself out of the obstacle course that is called love. So much emotion and intimacy is packed in just six tracks that it makes for quite a heavy listen, but if you're feeling a little lonesome, betrayed or unloved (or all of the above), then Mara Hruby has the right melancholy melodies to help aid you into mending your breaking heart and getting over oh-what's-their-face.

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