Lianne La Havas’ Little Dragon Cover Is ‘Twice’ As Nice

Out of all the British artists that have risen up over the last couple of years, Lianne La Havas holds a special place in my heart. Her album Is Your Love Big Enough is still in constant rotation, and her live show is mesmerizing plus, on top of that, she comes across as a really humble person genuinely pleased to be able to do what she loves best. With a new album scheduled to drop in 2014, the wait for new material is going to be a little while longer yet, however she has just dropped an absolute gem of a cover for In The Woods Festival’s The Barn Sessions 2013. Little Dragon‘s “Twice” has proven quite a popular choice for many artists to cover, but nobody (in my opinion) has done it as elegantly or as beautifully as Lianne. See for yourselves after the bounce.

After the bounce

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