We Are Playing Maxwell's Game Of 'Gods'

Apparently Maxwell is as excited about his new music as we are. After breaking us off yesterday with the inaugural edition of #MaxwellMondays and a 40-second snippet of audio from his new song "Gods," an album cut from the forthcoming SUMMERS', he couldn't wait until next Monday to give us a little more. Today he did just that on #MaxwellTeaseTuesdays (kidding!), giving us a meatier chunk of "Gods" to sink our teeth into with over a minute's worth of audio to make us gasp and swoon and additional lyrics to decipher their meaning. This is still a work-in-progress and the audio is a rough mix, but even in its infancy we can tell that this song is going to be pretty beautiful when it's completed. Listen to this extended preview below or watch the video of the audio after the bounce and pray that Maxwell satisfies our hunger for his "Gods" soon. A nibble is fine, but we can't wait to eat this one up.

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the unsaid is known / in spite i can't let it go / the answers don't ever make no sense when the questions are up to you / if you want you can fly you can float / you can walk, you can do what you want / but if the smallest seed of feeling is left with you / you will see you were wrong / with your crimes you make me guilty / girl you swore so convincingly...

as you play the game of gods... you play the game the game of gods and in this game the game you've lost...

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