Get 'Fly' With Windimoto

Widely regarded at the birthplace of house music, Chicago has given us many legends like Lil Louis, Steve Silk Hurley, Frankie Knuckles, and Marshall Jefferson to name a few as well as artists on the come up like DJ Sean Haley, who together with Detroit's Scorpeze make up the soulful house duo Windimoto. Their name signifies the marriage of the Windy and Motor cities, and their music is a marriage of the distinct dance music styles from both places. They are hard at work on a new album whose title includes a few of my favorite things, Love, Lust, Charm & Passion, and last month they released the single "Tonight, We Fly" with an EP of remixes. The original track featuring vocalist JV is dope on its own, but SoulBounce fam Applejac makes it that much flyer on his remix and the remixes from Sevany2 and DJ Sean Haley are totally worth the price of admission.
Listen to the single in its OG form right here, and check out the rest of the five-song EP on Bandcamp.

Windimoto feat. JV: "Tonight, We Fly (Single Mix)"


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