Raheem DeVaughn’s Lips Make Magic Happen In The ‘Bedroom’

Move over LL Cool J, there’s a new heir to the throne of King of Luscious Lips. Raheem DeVaughn and his very sexy pair are front and center in his new video for the song “Bedroom” off of the The Love & War Masterpeace that debuted earlier this year. Thankfully, someone must have mentioned to Raheem that his lips are one of his best physical attributes, because rapper-turned-director Tabi Bonney plays up this feature with close-ups and artsy shots that catch the crooner in private moments that infer more in their understated simplicity that could ever be conveyed through more bawdy images. Kudos to the “less is more” theme and cheers to DeVaughn for continuing to drop singles and vids off of this album, which is easily one of this year’s top 10.

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