El DeBarge Has Us Coming Back For 'Seconds'

El DeBarge must be smart enough to know that the bubblegum sound that we all loved and adored as kids is something that we'll likely gravitate towards as adults, right? The beauty of "Second Chance" and it's tale of redemption aside, it's just a little hard to get your two step on to that. Enter this recently released song "5 Seconds." Featuring a couple of verses with the King of Chipped Tooth Smoothness aka Fabolous (I know he's gotten it fixed, but it'll always be chipped in my heart), I must say that El's falsetto is not only in full effect as though he's never left, it's one of those songs you can play that'll have your aunts trying to show you how they used to do the damn thing. There's also something that is very "Stay With Me"-ish about the bridge. Take a listen and see for yourself. Excuse the tags until we get our hands on a cleaner copy. 

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