A Step in the Right Direction

bet_logo_000.jpgWe are proud to announce that Soulbounce.com will join the BET Network’s stable of blogs in the coming weeks. This partnership will coincide with Soulbounce’s new blog design and finally provide the team of editors with monetization opportunities.

During it’s short time online, Soulbounce has been a vocal critic of Black Entertainment Television. This was taken into consideration during negotiations. Although past blogs criticizing BET will remain, we will now move forward in unity and positivity instead of the overly-critical and devisive nature of previous blogs.

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The new Soulbounce will continue to provide updates on a range of artists, but will include more mainstream R&B acts such as Chris Brown, Rihanna and Keyshia Cole. As of next week, we will be ceasing any and all Hip Hop coverage, from the underground to the mainstream. Making Soulbounce all about “Soul” music was a primary focus in this acquisition.

The editors of Soulbounce (nOvamatic, Butta, Lil Mama and Harlem) will be provided direct access to popular BET events, such as Spring Bling and Rip the Runway. Opportunites for the editors to crossover into other BET televised programs will be explored in the very near future.

BET is excited to take on a quality blog like Soulbounce. It has always been our intent to expand the discourse and this is the perfect way to begin our path towards more substantive content. The change (including the new URL) will be gradual and organic, so as not to alarm the site’s dedicated visitors. We sincerely hope you embrace this partnership and look at this as a step in the right direction.


Thank You.

BET Interactive Admin

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