Otis Kane Reminds Us Of What We’re Missing In ‘Sweet Sensation’

We want that old thing back. And by “old thing,” we mean live music. It might be a little while longer before we’re hearing and seeing our faves (kinda) up-close and personal, but we can still reminisce. We also have artists like Otis Kane who are giving us our fix with music videos that simulate the “live” feel. Otis does just that in the video for his single “Sweet Sensation.”

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With its dimly lit setting, the video automatically evokes the feel of being at your favorite local bar. That’s where we first see Otis and our leading lady. She saunters into the establishment to find Otis and his band on stage doing their thing. Seeing as the venue is otherwise empty, this is a private show just for her. Otis takes advantage of that fact by getting next to her and spitting some slick game in the form of the song’s lyrics. Though not the typical kind of video treatment we’d usually get for this type of song, it mirrors the intimate feeling of the song and also gives us a bit more insight into Otis’ performance style.

As we mentioned, “Sweet Sensation” is the first listen we’re getting from the singer’s debut album that arrives this summer. We’re excited to see what he has in store and we highly suggest you check out Otis Kane in action by pressing play.

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