Snoop Dogg's Got 'So Many Pros' For You To Enjoy

Snoop Dogg Smoke Cloud

Snoop Dogg is preparing to light up the airwaves with his upcoming album BUSH next month. But before he delivers that particular package, he's giving us another loosie with new single "So Many Pros." It continues in the spirit of previous single "Peaches N Cream," doubling down on the '80s R&B sound. The groove is laced quite nicely by Pharrell Williams, featuring hot guitar licks, synth and keys that make you want to rock an S-Curl and polyester as you take a musical trip back to a nightclub in the mid-'80s.

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But while the production here is top notch, it's the vocal that actually sells the song. Snoop doesn't rap here, instead opting for a talk-singing chant for the verses that draws you into the undeniable groove. He also smartly taps Uncle Charlie Wilson once again for the assist as well as a few female backing vocalists to add a bit of variety to the vocal arrangement. The combination creates a funky, heady mix that dares you not to dance.

The video for "So Many Pros" also premiered today. For the clip, Snoop and company recreate some posters that are obviously inspired by '70s blaxploitation classics. He gathers the usual cast of characters, including Pharrell and a gang of video vixens, to star in fictional films like Follow the BushSamson and Snoop's Connection, which also stars Felicia "Snoop" Pearson of The Wire fame. While some of these fake films look ridiculous, we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't mind buying a ticket and some popcorn to sit front row for a few of these.

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Check out the video right here and pick up BUSH when it drops on May 12th.

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