We 'Don't Mind' Usher & Juicy J's New Single


Usher has been lauding good kissers for the past few weeks, and now he’s appreciating the skills and entrepreneurial spirit of strippers. In his new single “I Don’t Mind,” Usher teams up with our favorite ratchet rapper Juicy J to detail his support for his stripper bae. Singing “Shawty, I don’t mind, if you dance on a pole, that don’t make you a ho,” the mid-tempo song features a simple beat and mostly vocals. This song is a judgment-free zone since Usher likes the fact that you can "twerk while in a split." Speaking of which, have you ever had a lap dance on a first date? Juicy J has and he does a great job of adding that little tidbit and more in the middle of the track.

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This song definitely isn’t a hit like “Good Kisser,” and probably isn’t meant to be, but we certainly don't mind Usher’s vocals on track, which are impeccable as usual. We can easily predict the track will get a number of requests at late night parties and, of course, strip clubs. Until then you can listen to the new track right here, and be sure to watch Usher and Juicy J perform at the BET Awards '14 this Sunday.

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