Shafiq Husayn & Bobby Earth Take A Trip To 'Candyland'

Shafiq Husayn is back with another joint from his Dove Society collective that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. "Candyland," featuring recent Dove Society addition Bobby Earth, is four minutes of savory bliss. Bobby sing-raps his way through while describing all the attributes that make his lady love so delectable. If the song doesn't make you want to reach for the one you love, then at the very least it'll leave you with a hankering for something sweet as he rattles off a long list of sugary treats to compare to the object of his affection. Meanwhile Husayn delivers a hauntingly, spaced-out track filled with enough blips, beeps and bass to transport you to another world. If you're unfamiliar with Bobby's music, then be sure to download the Houston native's superdope mixtape The Book of Genesynth that he just dropped earlier this month. The 10-track release, which features the original mix of "Candyland," is mostly self-produced and provides a solid introduction to what this multi-talented lyricist has to offer. While The Book of Genesynth is available for free downloads, this reworked version of "Candyland" is now available on iTunes.


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